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lack of inspiration


gah, I need to practice rawring....

anyway! I really want to start drawing again but I seem to be lacking inspiration no matter how hard I look for it. This sucks!

(I'm not being emo I just want to start drawing again REALLY badly! :P )

woof woof

how long has it been!?!?!

holy crap I haven't posted since I moved in feb...well...I just got back from EF yesterday and OMG what an awesome time I had. I didn't know it was possible to have that much fun in 1 week. I met alot of really cool folks, I want to thank everyone who I met and who made it such an awesome event. Also wonna thank aggy for running the super happy fun bus without killing us for being to loud in the back ^^

House moving antics

Sooooooo It's (almost) complete! I have almost moved house completly, now living full time in Edgware and starting wokr in cyberdog on wednesday. I must convey my thanks to Dave and Draco for helping, although I'm sure they had fun, it's not everyday you get to saw a sofa in half and throw it outside. :P Had a little fairwell to essex party on saturday night which was a bit of a bust because hardly anyone turned up, including the dj. Dave was there though so we kept eachother entertained. He came back to mine to stay that night and asked me out. We are now a couple.

I'm going to EF!!!!!!!

so I'm going! got it all registered and paid for last night! I'm so excited ^^ after talking to a couple of peeps I randomly decided I was gonna go after all and registerd!!!!! can't wait! On other news, I'm coming to the LF meet on saturday and I got my trial shift at cyberdog on sunday! woot, moving to edgware in a matter of weeks now too, it's all happening!

what a day!

wow! my interview yesterday went fookin awesome! and I got a call back today asking me for a trial shift next week, judging from the interview I think I've pretty much got the job already. The woman said they arn't really hiring right now but my cv and experiance looked so good they wanted to see me ^^ she mentiond promotion to managment within a year and everything! I love it when a plan comes together! I'm so excited right now I'm strugeling to stay on the floor!!! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna ace the trial shift so I'm gonna be handing in my notice to my arse wipe of a managing director on monday at my "disaplinery hearing" woooooooot I am so happy!
P.S. if anyone wants something to do on sunday night, meet up at the purple turtle in camden town around 9 ish
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!!!!!! I have an interview in Cyberdog in camden on thursday at 1 pm! I also have cool stuff going on with my hair now, I still have the mohawk, but I now have a paw print on one side and checker board on the other, it most certainley gets me noticed (even more):D

Damn saturdays!

I don't really have much to say as per usual...making a bit of a rant entry. It's the day of the LF meet and once again I didn't go because of my bloody job, I really hate not being able to come socialize more. Damn the retail industry, damn it straight to hell! thank fully I will be leaving this job soon, only to go and work in some other retail outlet now doubt but atleast I will be in actual London, well edgware, that still counts right? I think I may be coming down with a chest infection, I have no money at all and I hate my job. But on the plus side I have good friends and family and I have stuff to look forward too, I may be moving to Hatfield in september if all goes according to plan...who knows what will happen, everything that happens to me is totaly random...and the level of the that randomness seems to be increasing, but I don't care I am just going with the flow. I hurt someone I care alot about recently and I've been feeling like a total git, I'm sorry for what happend but it had to happen at some point and i figured sooner rather than later. Well there we go that sums up what I've been up to and how I've been feeling recently. P.S. Christmas was a bit of a non entity, and so was newyears, now you see why I don't post much...I'm boring. *giggles* Oh and i finaly have a furry name for myself as prompted by Pinky...rather than a generic boring version of my own name I am now Lapushka ^^ it's russian and it means little paw, not only is it cute...it's also irony coz I have big paws XD

Best Weekend Ever!!!!!!

Wow! that was by far the best weekend ever!!!! Went out for a meal for Helens birthday on friday night with Daktalis and some of her friends, a really nice oriental restaurant in wood green. Saturday was the big day, the fur meet and the the boat... oh the boat... I don't get to go to many meets but I had the best time in the pub which we had all to ourselves and the the boat was an awesome glowstick happy rave :D Thanks to everyone there for making it such a good night. Fin!


Well, here I am at hom on my own on sunday night (technical monday morning now). nothing really exciting to tell, had a good day at work on saturday, got plenty of sales and earnd a nice bit of comision. Went to Daktalis's afterwork and we had a lazy day today, watching dvds and he tried to teach my programing which I kinda enjoyed :). Fin!

woot! My first post.

I don't really have much to say for myself, I'm off work sick with the dreaded man flu and last night i fixed my scanner so I can get my art on-line properly.